Vol. 21 No. 1-2 (2016): Queering Femininity

THE TIME HAS COME for lambda nordica to both queer and query femininity and to make a contribution to Nordic Critical Femininity Studies. While (queer) femininity continues to have a bit of bad reputation, it is gaining growing interest internationally. Offering articles and essays in both Swedish and English, this issue features new work by leading and emerging scholars and offer a range of new and creative approaches to (queer) femininity. How can the notion of an inevitable glitch offer us a theory of femininity as broken technology? What can make up and the made up contours and surfaces of Russian femininities teach us about ”natural whiteness”? What does the pariah from feminine fame manifested in a 19th century theater divas reveal about ideal forms? And what might a focus on trans*feminine experience of femi-negativity and transmisogyny bring to a broader field of femininity studies? Along with creative writings on new gurlesque literary figures and a juicy reconsideration of what statistics on bisexuality bring to reconsidering femininity, this collection shows that femininity is far from a superficial topic.

Published: 2016-11-01