Vol. 28 No. 2-3 (2023): The Tensions and Temporalities of Pride Politics - Transnational Travels and Situated Locales

The idea of Pride continues to travel across the globe to promote visibility and validity of LGBTI+ people. Pride politics are at once challenged and cherished, bringing forth critical questions about the agendas and tactics of its ever-increasing popularity. This special issue aims to scrutinize the tensions and temporalities of Pride politics. Engaging in a systematic scrutiny of Pride politics in various local sites, the contributions highlight issues such as the ambivalences of Pride politics, their global repercussions, public visibility and inclusion in Pride, and the potential of Pride to offer a critical political agenda built on broader coalitions among marginalized groups. The argument is that in times when state homophobia and anti-LGBTI+ hate speech is on the rise transnationally, Pride politics can regain their radical political meaning through inclusion of and solidarity with other critical, yet marginalized, voices.

Cover art: Pride Street/ Gleðigatan by Elías Rúni.

Published: 2023-12-11