Vol. 21 No. 3-4 (2016): Queering histories and temporalities

Queers in history and queer history are hardly new topics to those of us concerned with LGBTQ studies. As we come to terms with, or research, what it means to live in bodies and movements that are outside what is considered ”normal”, many of us find comfort in realizing we are not alone, nor are we the first. The articles in this special issue demonstrate the continued importance of approaching histories and temporalities in a critical way. The contributors come from the Nordic countries as well as other parts of the world, and they represent a diversity of perspectives on histories and temporalities. They bring out with clarity that viewing history from queer perspectives means being critical of stories of success, since the usually hide the marginalization of people who are excluded from the success. They also highlight the importance of remembering and documenting the past; several contributions deal with questions of queering the archive and the very idea of queer archives.

Published: 2016-12-16