What is fair use of the article archive?

lambda nordica is an Open Access journal. You are welcome to read and download the articles in our archive free of charge and without registering. You may also share and distribute the articles in the archive as long as you give appropriate credit, but you may not distribute material that you have modified. lambda nordica provides immediate open access to its content and is published under a CC BY-ND license.

Who holds the copyright of material in lambda nordica

As of 2019, the copyright of material published in lambda nordica is retained by the authors. The copyright of material published before 2019 belongs to the Association Lambda Nordica. All material may be read and downloaded free of charge (see above, What is fair use of the article archive?)

Does lambda nordica charge authors’ fees?

No. We do not have article processing charges (APCs), nor article submission charges.

Can the journal be accessed via further channels?

lambda nordica has entered into an electronic licensing relationship with EBSCO Information Services. The full text of the journal can be accessed in EBSCO’s LGBT Life™ with Full Text database. The database allows powerful searching, with hits from our journal as well as hundreds of other titles in the field.

When can I expect my delivery?

Unless otherwise requested in the order, we send journal copies by economy mail. Please understand that overseas delivery may need one week or more.

Why can’t issue 3–4/1996 be ordered?

The issue is out of stock since long ago but can be read in digital format in the Article Archive.