Editorial Policies

Review and Editorial Process

All articles in lambda nordica are submitted to double-blind peer review. The editors receive submitted manuscripts, manages peer review and takes decisions on whether to publish a submitted manuscript. After a brief initial review of the article, the editors will decide whether to present it to anonymous peer reviewers. For each submitted article, the editors aim to take a decision whether to publish it without delay. The actual time required however depends on the actual workload on the editors as well as the availability of a peer reviewer in the field of the article.

Publishing Policy

The journal is published under a Creative Commons CC BY-ND license. Authors retain full copyright with first publication rights to lambda nordica.

lambda nordica publishes manuscripts around twelve months from the date of the decision and provides the author with one copy of the printed edition without charge. Authors are further offered to buy 10 copies at discounted price (“F-pris”) which is at a minimum 30 % less than the current single-issue price.


lambda nordica does not charge any fees from author's, nor processing charges (APCs) or article submission fees.

Publication Malpractice

The editors of lambda nordica actively check all manuscripts for plagiarism and other publication malpractices; using the URKUND service on suspicion of plagiarism. On suspicion of publication malpractice, the editors proceed in accordance with the current guidelines adopted by the organization Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE; British company number: 06389120). COPE’s guidelines address several typical situations, such as plagiarism, fabrication of empirical data, appropriation by a peer reviewer of matter from the reviewed text, incorrectly designated author(s) as well as conflict of interest.

Publishing Plan

Yearly two single and one double issue are published. Issues can be thematic or open. See our Calls for Papers for the themes of upcoming issues.