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Vol. 28 No. 2-3 (2023): The Tensions and Temporalities of Pride Politics - Transnational Travels and Situated Locales

In this special issue by guest editors Mia Liinasson and Olga Sasunkevich, the tensions and temporalities of Pride parades and Pride politics are considered a phenomenon where local, national, and transnational contestations – but also solidarities – intersect, where unexpected alliances are built, and where political messages are sent, albeit sometimes rather subtly. In addition to a contextualizing foreword by the guest editors, the issue contains four research articles, one We’re Here and four reviews.

In “Pride Contested: Geopolitics of Liberation at the Buffer Periphery of Europe”, Olga Plakhotnik and Maria Mayerchyk explores Pride politics in post-Maidan Ukraine from queer feminist and decolonial perspectives. Roey J. Gafter and Tommaso M. Milani in “‘The Pride Revolution’: Homonationalist Remembering in an Israeli Documentary” analyze the documentary hamahapexa hagea (“The Pride Revolution”) through notions of collective remembering, scale and affect. In “At the Fringes of Pride Politics: Experiences of Bisexual and Chronically Ill LGBTQ+ People in Portugal”, Mafalda Esteves and Mara Pieri examines the tensions generated within LGBTQ+ movements in Portugal in the context of Pride parades. Finally, Eleanor Formby in “Exploring LGBT+ People’s Experiences of Pride Events in the UK: Contrasting Safeties, Celebrations, and Exclusions” explores experiences of Pride events in the context of, and often in contrast to, LGBT+ people’s everyday lives.

The issue’s We’re Here, “Big Pride, Little Pride, and the Cunning of (In)Visibility in the Southern Caribbean: The Case of Trinidad and Tobago Pride #PrideTT”, is by Keith E. McNeal and explores the history, politics, and practice of global-style Pride in Trinidad and Tobago.

The review section covers a wide range of topics, covering two dissertations, an anthology and a biography. Charlotta Carlström reviews Elin Bengtsson’s dissertation Perversa tidsligheter: Ageplay och litenhet ur ett queertemporalt perspektiv, Chris Greenough Becoming Queer Christians in Indecency: Exploring Queer Theologies of Peripheries, a dissertation by Eir Andreas Ihlang Berg. Onur Kilic covers the anthology LGBTQ Digital Cultures: A Global Perspective, and Jens Rydström Knud Petersen’s self-biography Dengang da jeg var en pige: En hanpiges erindringer.

Cover art: Pride Street/Gleðigatan by Elías Rúni.

Published: 2023-12-11
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