Guidelines for Book Reviewers

Reviews are made after agreement with the editorial team. Please contact lambda nordica’s book review editors should you have any questions or comments on the guidelines.

Language: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or English.

Length and layout: Review of one book, approximately 1000 words; review of two or more books, approximately 1500 words. Leave the left margin straight. No blank lines – use indentation when beginning a new paragraph. 12 pt., 1,5 linespacing.

Begin with a title of your review. Below the title, reference the work you’re reviewing according to the following examples:

Anthologies: Kivilaakso, Katri, Ann-Sofie Lönngren, and Rita Paqvalén, eds. 2012. Queera läsningar: Litteraturvetenskap möter queerteori. Hägersten: Rosenlarv. (331 pages)

Dissertations: Ekström, Malin. 2011.  Allvarsam parodi och möjlighetens melankoli: En queerteoretisk analys av Ruts bok. PhD diss. Uppsala University: Department of Theology. (208 pages)


Holmqvist, Sam. 2017. Transformationer: 1800-talets svenska translitteratur genom Lasse-Maja, C. J. L. Almqvist och Aurora Ljungstedt. PhD diss. Göteborg: Makadam förlag. (334 pages)

Monographs: Dreger, Alice Domurat. 2016. One of Us: Conjoined Twins and the Future of Normal. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. (198 pages) 

Reviewer’s names are written to the right at the end of the review, with information about their affiliation below (ex. Elin Abrahamsson, Stockholm University). Avoid in-text sub-headings.

Literature cited in addition to that which is being reviewed is listed at the end of the review (after the reviewer’s name and affiliation), under the heading References. Reference list entries and in-text citations are given according to the Author-Date system of the Chicago Manual of Style, see the “Author-Date” tab of the online version.