Call for entries: Queer concepts for the 2020s


Which concepts, new or old do you find crucial for queer studies in the contemporary era? What do these concepts help you describe and explain? Have the meaning of concepts such as queer, heteronormativity, lesbian, or transgender, to name only a few, changed and if so what implications do we see? What does, for instance, a queer definition of austerity, neoliberalism, nationalism, critique or reproduction look like?

lambda nordica invites entries for a special issue on queer concepts for the 2020s. Please send suggested concept proposals to the editors or for confirmation. Entries should be around 1000 words and in English, and they must follow Chicago Manual of Style (author-date version) for any references. Authors are encouraged to chose a style and approach they like and to argue for the importance of the proposed (new or old) concept. Feedback will be offered by the editors. Submissions should also include a short author presentation (150 words). Deadline for entries to be submitted on the website is September 10 2019.